Unparalleled competitive analysis of your industry and foresight of emerging technologies.

The Ontologics proprietary platform uses machine learning to analyze over 120 million patent filings and over 45 million global academic references to identify emerging technologies, create competitive analysis, and enable you to make opportunistic business decisions.

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Detect Emerging Technologies

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Competitive SWOT analysis

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Investment analysis

Professional Services

With customized data analysis, you get a unique view into emerging patents and technologies as they relate to your
specific solution and your business goals.

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Use Cases

Whether you’re developing new healthcare technologies or investing in new pharmaceuticals, Ontologics enables you to become a visionary.

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Use Ontologics to make smart decisions about where to put your money. You’ll get peace of mind knowing who is creating competing technologies and what patents are making it to market.

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Get a data-driven, quantitative foundation for making decisions on innovating new technologies. You’ll skip past the noise of the tech industry and see for yourself who is inventing what.

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Our platform uses machine learning to give you insight into existing patents that relate to any technology – globally. See your patent portfolio strengths and weaknesses.

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Gain confidence in your next moves using data analytics you won’t find anywhere else.

Pricing begins at $399/mo. See our pricing and different levels of analysis.

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See the future with our…

Foresight Tool

Plug your technology terms into the tool and see related emerging areas, the years they were detected, and how they rank against your solution.

Technology Scoring Tool

Identify the highest-scoring patents in emerging areas to see where stronger patents exist and how they may block certain technologies.

Patent Scoring Tool

Receive patent analysis and foresight into competing patents to become aware of shifts you didn’t know were coming.

Dashboard Reporting

Select from full patent scoring breakdowns, landscape mapping, emerging tech analysis, acquisition reports, and more to support your next move.

Businesses that have leveraged Ontologics include: