Who Uses Ontologics... and How?

The possibilities are endless.


Meet Chandra,

enterprise CEO of a leading manufacturing business

Chandra is a newly appointed CEO of an automobile manufacturing company. As the first-ever female CEO of the company, she faces numerous challenges as she tries to turn the company around and move it into the black.

First and foremost, she knows they must improve assembly technology to become more efficient in production. They have been steadily falling behind their competitors in annual units produced, which has hurt their bottom line and stock price. But as the new CEO, she doesn’t have a complete picture of how valuable their emerging technologies are and is afraid their competitors may have more powerful patents that could end up doing more damage down the road in assertability cases.

She turned to Ontologics, and once her team had this new competitive intelligence, they learned they were not at a disadvantage with their technology. Instead, they saw opportunities to improve their intellectual property through a series of new patent filings.

Because of Ontologics, her company was able to:

  • Improve their assembly technology
  • Strengthen their competitive advantage
  • Set themselves up to gain market share
  • Increase the overall number of units produced

Can you relate to Chandra? Good news…now you can gain competitive intelligence for your company and industry, giving you peace of mind and confidence before making those major technological outlays.


Meet James,

CTO of a large technology company

James is a recently promoted CTO tasked with gaining a foothold on his company’s technology portfolio. His company has been an industry leader in the light bulb manufacturing sector for decades but faces growing pressure to modernize by incorporating smart home technology into their product lines.

James knows they have a great reputation and strong product line, but he fears spending millions on the wrong type of smart bulb technology that could jeopardize the business and leave the company in ruins.

Once their tech team met with Ontologics, his fears subsided. They used the platform’s intelligence to:

  • Identify what technology investments their competitors weren’t considering
  • Discover potential partners that had complementary and supplementary technology
  • Create advantageous business partnerships to right partners to manufacture their new smart bulb products

They signed three new contracts with smart tech companies to produce new product lines that modernized their bulbs by making them compatible with smart hubs, switches, bluetooth speakers, subwoofers, and more. Now their bulb customers can use their smartphones to dim the lights, sync their lights to music and movies, and automate via timers that turn on the lights before arrival and off after departure.

Their future now shines as bright as their bulbs. Are you facing a similar situation as James? Good news… now you can gain competitive intelligence for your company and industry, giving you peace of mind and sound decision-making before signing any contracts.


Meet Omar,


Omar is a retired Wall Street executive turned private sector investor. He retired early, but he discovered he needed to work to save his sanity and marriage as his wife grew tired of him hanging around the house all day.

Because he did well on Wall Street, he decided to liquify some of his assets to fund his own private investment start-up company. Because he was just starting, he was having difficulty determining which technology companies to invest in.

He heard about Ontologics from a trusted friend and decided to explore it. Through the platform, he was able to:

  • Determine if a company has a solid product that is worthy of investment before making an offer
  • Evaluate companies’ intellectual property, patent portfolio, and technology assets
  • Better understand companies’ financials and strategic plans of attack

With Ontologics, he can even find a potential acquirer after he successfully builds his business. Are you thinking of investing like Omar? Good news…now you can gain competitive intelligence before making an investment in any company, giving you greater peace of mind and confidence.