The Foresight into Tomorrow’s Emerging Technology Is Here Today

Our competitive intelligence gives you an advantage against the competition.


Data-Driven Business Intelligence for Decision-Makers


We provide insight into your company’s technology and assign a score for your:

  • Technology innovation level for leading, following, non-emergent, and in-sync
  • Intellectual property value – high, medium, or low
  • Year-over-year patent volume with innovation and assertability

We provide an analysis of how your technology stacks up against your competition and assign a score for your:

  • Total patents versus your competitors for leading, following, non-emergent, and in-sync
  • Innovation comparison by technical area versus your competitors

We provide an innovation scorecard that shows how you stack up versus the competition in the following areas:

  • Assertability
  • Innovation
  • Patent count
  • Blended
  • Overall innovation level score

We provide an analysis of companies that have complementary technology for potential mergers and acquisitions. We assign an affinity analysis score that shows the following:

  • Nodes sized for your competitors’ total portfolio in relation to yours
  • Line width that represents how close their technology is to yours
  • Distance apart that represents how similar their portfolio is to yours

We use our innovation and expertise to stay at the forefront of new developments to help our clients become visionaries. Our engineers rely on years of experience in data analysis to grow and manage our unique technology platform so it can give you the confidence to make the best decisions for your business. Our professional service team provides in-depth, custom, specific analysis of your technology, your competitors, and your industry to give you a real advantage in the market.

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You Simply Can’t Afford to Wait

With each passing day, your competition may be gaining on you. Or have they already passed you by? Pinpoint your business position and take appropriate action today…before it’s too late.

Pricing begins at $399/month. Let’s get started.

See the future with our…

Foresight Tool

Foresight Tool

Plug your technology terms into the tool and see related emerging areas, the years they were detected, and how they rank against your solution.

Technology Scoring Tool

Technology Scoring Tool

Identify the highest-scoring patents in emerging areas to see where stronger patents exist and how they may block certain technologies.

Patent Scoring Tool

Patent Scoring Tool

Receive patent analysis and foresight into competing patents to become aware of shifts you didn’t know were coming.

Dashboard Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Select from full patent scoring breakdowns, landscape mapping, emerging tech analysis, acquisition reports, and more to support your next move.

Businesses that have leveraged Ontologics include: