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Detect Emerging Technologies

Ontologics knows.

We provide unique insight into patents and emerging technologies that businesses in your industry are relying on to take them to the next level. And no other company in business today can deliver this information. Only us.

Our detailed analysis includes a score assigned to your competitors that details which targets may be a good fit for merger and acquisition considerations.


Here’s How You Can Use Ontologics

A CTO wanted to know if a competitor was getting ready to launch a new product line that was using similar emerging technology to that which his company developed. He was worried that the competition was further along and felt the pressure of getting a new patent filed first.

He partnered with Ontologics and discovered that the competing company had hit a roadblock and their technology was not hitting the emerging technology sweet spot. He was able to get patent protection first on the leading technology area and his company’s stock price responded by reaching a new five-year high.

Another user, a CEO, was getting ready to launch a new product line but was worried that the market wasn’t strong enough to justify the expense and deliver a solid ROI. He wondered if there were other potential markets that could expand his company’s vertical sales opportunities.

He worked with Ontologics to study existing products that could be improved by utilizing his company’s emerging technology. Our data was invaluable as we found several existing products that could incorporate the CEO’s new technology – resulting in win-win partnerships for everyone involved.

Here’s How We Help

We provide the intelligence you need to make sound research and development decisions. We help you determine how a particular company’s IP and technologies are valued in comparison to yours. And we can help you evaluate if a partnership with a particular company is a sound decision based on their emerging technologies and IP.

Set your company on the path to success. Remove the guesswork from the equation and start making sound business decisions today.

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